VIETBIO: Training

Vietbio training: Digiline

Training in State-of-the-Art Methods

The training of Vietnamese researchers and technicians within a 3 month working visit in Berlin (at MFN / BGBM) is one of the central activities of VIETBIO. Modern equipment purchased for the project will be used to document and analyse the Vietnamese samples/specimens collected in the field. The equipment used in the training will be handed over to the Vietnamese partners at the end of the project to enable them to apply the learned techniques in Vietnam. The training is provided in four modules on core aspects of modern biodiversity research:

Vietbio training: DNA barcoding

DNA Barcoding

DNA barcoding is a core analytical method for creating a DNA reference database for the rapid identification of new samples and building a monitoring system in Vietnam.

  • Data base with web portal (information system) as an online interface for all recorded information (vouchers, research data, images, localities, digital recordings etc.);
  • Data integration into and from other biodiversity data bases/web portals (e.g., GBIF).
Vietbio training: Digitization

Specimen Digitization

The Method of Specimen Digitization implies:

  • High throughput digitization of new samples and historic collections (e.g. insect drawers and single specimens, herbarium sheets);
  • Data mobilization (literature and collections);
  • Workflow for the sustainable management of data from research, publications, digital media and collections.

The aim is to provide support for creating a virtual Vietnamese research infrastructure for national, regional and global users.

Vietbio training: Bioacustics


Bioacustics is an essential tool for biodiversity inventories and monitoring. Automated procedures are used for the reliable acoustic recognition of animal sounds based on a reference data base of animal sounds with clean recordings.

Vietbio training: Data management

Integrated Data Management

Ensuring integrated data tracking from the field to lab analyses and data publication Integrated Data Management is a crucial lining unit between all modules.

  • Field data capture tools directly feeding data into subsequent analyses (use of QR-Codes) – working with VIETBIO-App.