VIETBIO: Publications

Scientific publications

Pham L. K., Tran B. V., Le Q. T., Nguyen T. T. ,Voigt C. C. (2021). Description of Echolocation Call Parameters for Urban Bats in Vietnam as a Step Towards a More Integrated Acoustic Monitoring of Urban Wildlife in Southeast Asia. Diversity 13 (18). 10018

Lücking R., Truong B. V., Huong D. T. T., Le N. H., Nguyen Q. D., Nguyen V. D., Raab-Straube E. von, Bollendorff S., Govers K., Di Vincenzo V. (2020). Caveats of fungal barcoding: a case study in Trametes (Basidiomycota: Polyporales) in Vietnam reveals multiple issues with mislabelled reference sequences and calls for third-party annotations. Willdenowia 50: 383-403. DOI: 10.3372/wi.50.50302

Mey W., Häuser C., Van Vu L. (2019). On the Microlepidoptera of the Bach-Ma National Park in Central Vietnam (Insecta, Lepidoptera). Mitt. Dtsch. Ges. Allg. Angew. Ent. 22: 1-5.

Schmidt O., Schmidt S., Häuser C. L., Hausmann A., Van Vu L. (2019). Using Malaise traps for collecting Lepidoptera (Insecta), with notes on the preparation of Macrolepidoptera from ethanol. Biodivers Data J. (7): e32192. Published 2019 Feb 20. doi: 10.3897/BDJ.7.e32192

Truong V., von Raab-Straube E., Hein P., Duwe, V., Bui, H., Bao N., Tu, Tran Huu, D. (2019). Orchideen botanisieren in den Wolken. Auf der Jagd nach seltenen Orchideen im Bach Ma National Park, Vietnam. – Orchidizing through the cloud. A trip to hunt for rare orchids in Bach Ma National Park, Vietnam. OrchideenJournal 26(1): 30-37.

Van Vu L., Quynh Le T., Häuser C. L., Dinh Vo B. & Dinh Bui D. (2019). Diversity of swallowtal butterfly species (Rhopalocra, Papilionidae) in three protected areas of Thua Thien Hue Province. Management of forest Resources and Environment.

In the media

German Science Day 30.10.2019 in Hanoi (in German). German Embassy in Vietnam.

Video: Vietbio Training in Berlin 2018. By participant Nhuần Thúy.